• We offer a Deceased Home Clearing Service in conjunction with our moving services.  We use many of the same companies as our move clients utilize.  For instance, estate sale vendors, designated charities, home cleaners and trash disposal firms.

  • It is a sensitive time, when a Loved One moves on and their estate property needs to be sorted and thoroughly cleaned to prepare the property for sale, lease or remodel.

    We provide deceased estate clearing and cleaning both inside and outside.

    Often, a deceased estate property needs extensive cleaning and clearing, needing more time than a relative can give – it can be a massive job to sort through everything and clean up the property.

    Clearing deceased estates with sensitive care
    The first step in clearing the deceased estate is the furniture and contents.  There are often valuable items or sentimental items in a deceased estate.  We meet with you to identify these.

    Once you have removed items you wish to keep, we can begin the process of clearing and cleaning.

    After the items of value have been removed, we arrange for an estate sale.  Local estate sale companies charge a percentage of the total take for the sale.  You receive these funds.

    Items not sold at the estate sale can then be sorted to be donated to your choice of charity.

    Disposing of unwanted items from a deceased estate
    Items such as mattresses, broken furniture, damaged items, old lampshades, window treatments, blinds, rugs/carpeting and old appliances etc that can’t be donated or sold at the estate sale are picked up by a waste removal service.

    After all possessions have been cleared out, we bring in a cleaning team to thoroughly clean the property.  Windows are washed, floors scrubbed, markings on walls removed with special attention to kitchens and baths.  Kitchen cabinets and bath vanities are cleaned inside and out.

    Outside Clean Up
    While the inside is being cleaned, a landscaper is brought by to cleanup and spruce up the outside.  House is power washed and windows are cleaned.