• Senior Move Partners exclusively serves seniors who have made the decision to downsize or relocate to a independent/assisted living facility or to a smaller residence suitable for seniors. Through personalized assistance and guidance, we can help make your next move stress-free from beginning to end.


    • provide multiple levels of service– from space planning and rightsizing to unpacking, organizing, moving to resettling.
    • are responsible for every detail– from the development of an action plan to the execution of your move.
    • communicate with you, your family, your senior community, the movers and all parties involved in your move throughout the process.
    • will connect you and your family with services specifically geared toward seniors needs.
    • will strive to ensure that your needs are met throughout the moving process, to include move-in day.

     Not everyone has a son or daughter, relative or friends to help out with the monumental task of moving. Your children have their own lives and may not have the time or resources to help. You may not have friends physically capable of lending a hand.

    By using Senior Move Partners you don’t need to rely on others. Help from family and friends is wonderful and encouraged, but often is not available. Help is often promised and then somehow doesn’t happen for whatever reason. Engaging a move management team takes away these concerns and provides a move manager dedicated to your successful move.

    We provide a complete relocation/moving service. We work with you from the planning to move day. We don’t leave you on move day until you are completely resettled. Everything is in place at your new home before we leave.

    If you wish, we can return to your previous residence and clear it.

    You may choose as little or as many services as you need from our service offerings.


  • In A Nutshell ...

    One Contact

    Senior Move Partners will coordinate the mover, charity pick-ups, and clean out services for your relocation.

    Reduce Stress

    Leave the worrying up to us.   Senior Move Partners has knowledge of moving and creates a plan of action to complete a smooth move.

    Client Centered - Personalized Service

    No move is the same, Senior Move Partners will create a customized move plan for each individual.


    Senior Move Partners uses only tradesman and companies that we are familiar with, thereby helping to avoid being cheated or scammed.


    Senior Move Partners will never overbook or schedule more than we can handle. Our personal attention will be dedicated to your relocation.


    Your belongings will be handled with special care.

    Possession Distribution

    We will never make the decisions, but offer suggestions, keep the process on schedule, and assist finding outlets for unwanted items.

    Open Communication

    We will communicate regularly with your designated family, friends of whomever you wish to be a part of your move.


    Contact Senior Move Partners at 602-818-7456 or through email at info@SeniorMovePartners.com today to learn how!

    Moving Out of State or Clearing A Home

    If you and/or your family need to vacate your residence for a move “back” to a location out-of-state or moving in with your children, we can arrange to vacate your home and have your possessions shipped to you.

    Or, if a family finds themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of a death, we can clear out a residence and have possessions shipped or unwanted items sold through an estate sale.

    We have many options available to you to help you through a difficult time. Contact us for more information.